Type One Conflict

This is a normal healthy confrontation. You feel safe to approach and dialogue with whomever you are in conflict with.

Ground Z E R O

I like to consider robust mental health support “ground zero” of the conflict resolution process. Do the self-work necessary to show up for your community, especially in conflict. Reach out to supportive friends, family, and especially mental health professionals.

Boulder is a mecca of progressive, affordable mental health services. You can find some of those resources listed here. 

A Beginners Guide to Restorative Conversations 

In this accessible manual to restorative conversations, generously provided for us by Longmont Restorative Justice Partners, you will find a simple break down of how to go about initiating a conversation with a housemate. The guide includes includes worksheets to prepare for a restorative conversation and guidelines on how to come up with effective agreements. 

Outside Community Resources to develop our healthy communication skills: