Type One Conflict

This is a "normal" "healthy" confrontation. You feel safe to approach and dialogue with whomever you are in conflict with.

Ground   Z  E  R  O

I like to consider robust mental health support “ground zero” of the conflict resolution process. Do the self-work necessary to show up for your community, especially in conflict. Reach out to supportive friends, family, and especially mental health professionals.

Invest the time in intentionally building trust with your housemates by collaborating on house projects, participating in meetings, and having fun together. Cultivating awareness, mindfulness, compassion, and trust during peaceful times is the best way we can prepare for hard times.

A Beginners Guide to Restorative Conversations 

In this accessible manual to restorative conversations, generously provided for us by Longmont Restorative Justice Partners, you will find a simple break down of how to go about initiating a conversation with a housemate. The guide includes includes worksheets to prepare for a restorative conversation and guidelines on how to come up with effective agreements. 

Professional mental health support

If you qualify to live in a BHC co-op, you likely qualify for free or discount therapy. Check it out! 




Additional resources:

Outside Community Resources to develop our healthy communication skills:

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