Ostara Cooperative

“Eating Together, Playing Together, Cooperating Together”

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We are a 22-26-person, all-ages, co-op dedicated to social justice and environmental sustainability.  We share meals, buy organic vegetarian food in bulk, and meet weekly to practice consensus-based decision making and restorative conversations

Rent and Food Fees

Room Rent Range: $675-$995 for a room. $1,355/month for a two bedroom apartment.

Food Fee: $155/month

Utilities Included In Rent

Income Cap

The Boulder Housing Coalition (BHC) cooperatives have been developed with grant assistance from the City of Boulder’s affordable housing program. In exchange for this financial support the BHC has signed legal covenants requiring nearly all of the residents of our co-ops to income and asset qualify.

Income Caps for Ostara Cooperative: 8 households at $51,100, 10 households at $40,880, all households in the apartments at $51,100

Community and Governance

House meetings: Typically every Sunday, either in the evening or morning.

Decision-making procedures: Consensus

Food Specifics

House Dinners: Sunday – Thursday

House Dinner Dietary Options: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, food allergies, occasional meat options.


Memberships: eGo Carshare, Community Cycles 

Passes: RTD ECOpass

Laundry: 2 washers, 2 dryers in the house


  • 10-minute walk from Mount Sanitas
  • 10 minute drive to Chautauqua park. 
  • 15 minute walk from Pearl Street Mall
  • 1 hour from Denver
  • 1 hour from Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Access to major bus routes: SKIP, 208, FF1. 
  • 15-minute walk to the downtown Boulder station.


  • Enormous Kitchen stocked with organic food, and a new stove!
  • Veggies from CSA in the spring and summer!

Trainings and Experience

  • Consensus decision-making
  • Stewardship Opportunities
  • Cooperative Trainings
  • Social Justice and Mental Health Trainings

Other Details

Pets: Allowed with discussion and permission from the house. 

Parking: Covered bike parking, parking spaces for 6 cars.

Tobacco: Not inside, but outside on the property is welcomed.

Inclusivity: The Ostara community remains committed to creating a safe environment for all residents and guests by nurturing a culture of inclusivity. 

We practice consent culture

Health and Safety: We do have COVID-19 protocols in place to protect all residents and guests who visit the Ostara community incorporated into our lease document.

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