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Mango Manor is a vibrant community. Mangoes are wide-ranging in their personal interests, but still find ways to come together, such as game nights, connection circles, movies, potlucks, and more! Here at Mango we strive for a community spirit. We do our best to support each other while balancing interdependence and independence.

Rent and Food Fees

Room Rent Range: $620-$855/month

Food Fee: $160/month

Utilities Included In Rent

No Car Grant: $50 off rent/month

Income Cap

The Boulder Housing Coalition (BHC) cooperatives have been developed with grant assistance from the City of Boulder’s affordable housing program. In exchange for this financial support the BHC has signed legal covenants requiring nearly all of the residents of our co-ops to income and asset qualify.

Income Cap for Mango Manor Cooperative: 5 households at $51,100, 5 households at $40,880

Community and Governance

House meetings: Every Monday

Decision-making procedures: Consensus. Large, long-term projects are discussed amongst the house. 

Gardens: Mango Manor’s Garden Steward is a seriously amazing gardener. In addition to the amazing front yard, the backyard is host to some beds for food production. Also, the house has been able to procure some beds at a third location

Events: Currently limited but we do a fun meeting every third Monday of the month

Food Specifics

House Dinners: Twice a week.

House Dinner Dietary Options: Based on the needs of current members.


Memberships: Community Cycles membership, eGo Carshare 

No Car Grant: $50 off rent per month

Laundry: Laundry in the house

Air Conditioning: the house has a central air mechanism and a fan what circulates the air


  • 10 minute drive to Chautauqua park
  • 20 minute bike to downtown Boulder
  • 30 minute drive to Denver
  • Short walk to Table Mesa Park-N-Ride with access to many local and regional bus routes



  • Veggies from CSA in the spring and summer
  • Abundant produce from Mango Manor gardens


Trainings and Experience

  • Consensus decision-making
  • Stewardship Opportunities
  • Cooperative Trainings
  • Social Justice and Mental Health Trainings

Other Details

Pets: Allowed with discussion and permission from the house. Currently one cat.

Tobacco: Yes, limited to an area in the backyard

Inclusivity: All are welcome.

Sustainability: Mango Manor has a 11.52 kW, 32-panel solar array installed on the roof, which contributes a significant portion of the house’s energy. Check out a video of the newly installed array here!

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