Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Boulder Housing Coalition (BHC) is dedicated to creating permanently affordable, community enhancing, cooperative housing for the people of Colorado’s Front Range.

Our Vision

We envision a cooperative housing federation that contains a variety of co-ops including permanently affordable rental coo-ops, limited equity co-ops, equity co-ops and co-housing. 

In this federation, each house will have a member on the BHC board. Co-op organizations with larger rental portfolios are able to leverage the equity of those houses to create new affordable cooperatives without public subsidy. The goal of the BHC is to reach that level of capacity in a matter of years not decades.

Our Values


Fiscal Responsibility

Community Buy-In

Ecological Sustainability 

Staying Within Our Capacity

Strengthening Partnerships

Serving Our Mission

Scope of Impact

Engage Membership

Cooperation Among Co-op’s