Board and Staff

Meet Our People

The BHC’s Board of Directors is made up of representatives elected by the members of our cooperative houses, and also by members of the community who have an interest in our mission, and expertise to lend it its implementation. As our cooperative system grows, we anticipate that the majority of the Board will be composed of house reps.  However, at present we have four cooperatives so we rely on including interested community members. The BHC Board uses a consensus decision-making process.

The Staff

Lincoln Miller (he/him)

Executive Director

Lincoln Miller has lived various co-ops and has been involved with co-op development for 18 years. In that time, he has been a founding member of 3 non-profit cooperative organizations. In 1996 Lincoln created the Boulder Housing Coalition (BHC).

Between 1999 and 2002 Lincoln and Tony Sanny co-founded the Masala Co-op, creating the first permanently affordable rental co-op in Colorado. In 2004, Lincoln officially took on the role Executive Director, and led the acquisition of the Chrysalis Co-op for the BHC.  This created the first permanently affordable cooperative housing system in Colorado. He has served on all three of the NASCO boards, as well as the Board for the Fellowship for Intentional Community.

Mr. Miller has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado and has completed all of the course work for the Certified Housing Asset Manager Designation (CHAM).

Lily Kapiloff

Lily Kapiloff (she/they)

Director of Development

Lily Kapiloff hails from the Western Foothills of rural Maine where she grew up chasing frogs and campaigning for animal rights. After ten years of traveling and picking up bits and pieces of traditional and non-traditional education, she relocated to Boulder to finish her undergraduate degree at Naropa and join the Ostara Cooperative in January 2019. She is passionate about Nonviolent Communication, permaculture, contra dancing, and playing melodramatic 80’s ballads on the piano. She is currently working on her masters degree in ecopsychology. 

Annemarie Parsons (she/her)

Director of Operations

Annemarie grew up in Boulder and is a seasoned advocate for Colorado housing security. During the pandemic, she worked on several rental assistance and eviction defense programs. She also has experience working with low-income communities throughout the Denver metro area. She has a B.A. in Linguistics and is fluent in Spanish. She loves spicy food, dancing and card games.

The Board

Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells (she/her)

Board Chair

Our Board President. She was also on the Board NASCO Development Services, a national housing group focused on creating more cooperative housing. She worked as the Deputy Director for the Mile High Business Alliance. She co-founded and lives in the Queen City Cooperative in Denver. Currently, she works as a real estate agent specializing in cooperative development and co-buying. Sarah is also advocating for Denver zoning code revisions that allow more unrelated people to live together.

Max Scarfone (he/him)

Chrysalis House & Inclusion Committee Representative

Max has been living at Chrysalis for a year now. Max hails from West Palm Beach, FL where he studied music and theatre. After being a music educator for 20 years, Max has been shifting his focus to LGBTQ rights and advocacy, as well as becoming more immersed in co-op culture in the BHC community. Max has a seven year old son with special needs who lives at Chrysalis part-time as well. Max enjoys singing, dancing, composing, running around in the rain, and being a quiet leader. Max is happy and honored to be the board rep for his house!

Alexis Hermes (she/they)

Mango Manor Representative

Alexis is an aficionado of juxtaposition, a witness to places unseen, and a lover of engaging in the dynamic array of human experiences. She’s passionate about finding and making spaces for silenced voices to be heard, and for creating room for the grief and connection necessary to cultivate change in this world of oppressive systems.On the day to day, you can find Alexis singing improvised songs with children, tending to the needs of folks living with dementia, and reveling in the messy beauty of getting to be a member of so many micro and macro communities.

As a board member, Alexis seeks not only to represent the eclectic and diverse needs, views, and desires of her house, but also to ensure that she acts in right relationship to the call to be a future ancestor for the co-opers yet to come.

Michael Feltheim (he/him)

Masala Representative and Committee on Cooperation Representative

Michael has lived at Masala since Halloween of 2021. Though a first time official co-oper, Michael has lived in a multitude of different home settings: from an oversized closet in a family apartment to a spacious two person tent in the Colorado Rockies. All these experiences coalesce into his genuine desire to be open with others in community; to know and be known, to share in joys and heartaches and a thousand insignificant occurrences, to sacrifice and to receive grace.

In 2017, Michael stumbled into the modest joys of agrarian life. In farming, hard work fades into a song of sustenance, whose echoes recede back into the dawn of time. With a strange mix of pride, privilege, and humility, he hums along with the timeless tune, helping to feed a small corner of Boulder County. Ever learning, failing, and growing, Michael hopes to center his life on the questions of food access and food sovereignty.

Christian Vieweg (he/him)

Ostara Representative & Development Representative

Christian grew up in the Puget Sound of Washington State, developing lifelong passions for information technology, hiking, and metal music. He has resided at Ostara, in the north of Boulder, since 2023. Christian additionally serves on the BHC Development Committee, where he hopes his prior experience on the NASCO Properties Board gives him a valuable perspective.

Bryan Bowen (he/him)

At Large Representative

Bryan Bowen grew up in New Mexico, went to Carnegie Mellon University, and has been a practicing architect since 1995. Bryan moved to Boulder in 1999 because of a girl, which has worked out well for him. Bryan and his family lived in Wild Sage Cohousing for 17 years. He has been the architect for co-ops and cohousing projects around the country, and is dedicated to the design of livable neighborhoods and eco-buildings, with the vision of making meaningful progress towards a sustainable planet. Bryan is also on the Better Boulder Board and has been on the CohoUs Board and served 8 years on the City of Boulder’s Planning Board. 

Dr. Jennifer Fluri

At Large Representative

Jennifer is a housing researcher and an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Colorado. Her research focuses on gender, peace building and conflict mediation in Afghanistan. She is also a lead researcher for the Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative (BAHRI),

Eric Budd

Eric Budd

At Large Representative

Eric Budd is a former Mango Manor resident, a tireless affordable housing advocate, and he was instrumental in getting co-ops legalized in the City of Boulder.

Kurt Nordback

At Large Representative

Kurt is our Treasurer, also a tireless advocate for affordable housing and a city of Boulder politics expert.