Board and Staff

Meet Our People

The BHC’s Board of Directors is made up of representatives elected by the members of our cooperative houses, and also by members of the community who have an interest in our mission, and expertise to lend it its implementation. As our cooperative system grows, we anticipate that the majority of the Board will be composed of house reps.  However, at present we have four cooperatives so we rely on including interested community members. The BHC Board uses a consensus decision-making process.

The Staff

Lincoln Miller (he/him)

Executive Director

Lincoln Miller has lived various co-ops and has been involved with co-op development for 18 years. In that time, he has been a founding member of 3 non-profit cooperative organizations. In 1996 Lincoln created the Boulder Housing Coalition (BHC).

Between 1999 and 2002 Lincoln and Tony Sanny co-founded the Masala Co-op, creating the first permanently affordable rental co-op in Colorado. In 2004, Lincoln officially took on the role Executive Director, and led the acquisition of the Chrysalis Co-op for the BHC.  This created the first permanently affordable cooperative housing system in Colorado. He has served on all three of the NASCO boards, as well as the Board for the Fellowship for Intentional Community.

Mr. Miller has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado and has completed all of the course work for the Certified Housing Asset Manager Designation (CHAM).

Lily Kapiloff

Lily Kapiloff (she/they)

Director of Development

Lily Kapiloff hails from the Western Foothills of rural Maine where she grew up chasing frogs and campaigning for animal rights. After ten years of traveling and picking up bits and pieces of traditional and non-traditional education, she relocated to Boulder to finish her undergraduate degree at Naropa and join the Ostara Cooperative in January 2019. She is passionate about Nonviolent Communication, permaculture, contra dancing, and playing melodramatic 80’s ballads on the piano. She is currently working on her masters degree in ecopsychology. 

Jenny Catlin (she/they)

Director of Operations

Jenny joined the team in August 2022. She grew up on and off communes in Colorado and now lives in Denver. She is a writer, reader, abolitionist, and collector of chihuahua art. 

The Board

Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells

Board Chair

Our Board President. She was also on the Board NASCO Development Services, a national housing group focused on creating more cooperative housing. She worked as the Deputy Director for the Mile High Business Alliance. She co-founded and lives in the Queen City Cooperative in Denver. Currently, she works as a real estate agent specializing in cooperative development and co-buying. Sarah is also advocating for Denver zoning code revisions that allow more unrelated people to live together.

Kenechuwa Okeke

Chrysalis House Representative

Katherine has lived at Chrysalis for six years. Picture and further bio coming soon.

Ollie Greene

Mango Manor Representative

Drew Novick

Masala Representative

Drew is originally from New York, where he spent most of his time running around grassy fields within white, painted rectangles (soccer). Now he spends most of his time running around grass fields that are neither painted nor rectangular. He is getting his PhD at the Colorado School of Mines, where he works at the intersection of materials science and data science (aka chemistry on the computer). Drew has been living at Masala for over a year now, where you can find him playing board games, sitting on the kitchen floor, or making nut butters for the house (chemistry that tastes good).  

Anna Staat

Ostara Representative

Dr. Jennifer Fluri

At Large Representative

Jennifer is a housing researcher and an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Colorado. Her research focuses on gender, peace building and conflict mediation in Afghanistan. She is also a lead researcher for the Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative (BAHRI),

Eric Budd

Eric Budd

At Large Representative

Eric Budd is an Mango Manor resident, a tireless affordable housing advocate, and he was instrumental in getting co-ops legalized in the City of Boulder.

Claudia Thiem

Claudia Thiem

At Large Representative

Claudia is the Chair of our Development Committee, a parent, a food co-op board member and co-housing resident. Also check out her wonderful column in the Daily Camera. 

Kurt Nordback

At Large Representative

Kurt is our Treasurer, also a tireless advocate for affordable housing and a city of Boulder politics expert.