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What is Co-Op Housing?

A housing cooperative is created when people join together to democratically own or control their housing and communal facilities.



Consensus is about identifying a solution that everyone can live with — an outcome that is acceptable to all participants, and which does not threaten the overall stability and functioning of the community. 



A major part of anti-oppression practice is constructing systems that both distribute power in equitable ways and promote equal relationships between people of different identities. BHC uses specific processes and trainings create a space for all voices to have power. 

Cooperative Movement

For hundreds of years, cooperatives have served as a way for people empower themselves by pooling their resources and expertise.



If you are having a conflict with your housemate, you can use the BHC Mediation Services to help find a resolution.


Income Qualification

In exchange for financial support from the City of Boulder, the BHC has signed legal covenants requiring nearly all of the residents of our co-ops to income and asset qualify. See more about the process. 


Expert Cooperative Housing Organization (ECHO)

Boulder Housing Coalition is an Expert Cooperative Housing Organization (ECHO) that is excited to help you start your cooperative in Boulder!