Type Four

A serious or sustained violation has taken place. A serious, effective, and timely response is needed from the organization. This includes any overt hairassment, assault, or blatant discrimination towards a protected class. 

Email staff@bhccoops.org and cooperation@bhccoops.org to report the issue.

The Committee on Cooperation may terminate the tenancy or refuse to renew the lease of any resident in the BHC system for serious or repeated violation of the terms and conditions of the lease or for violation of applicable federal, state or local law. Any termination or refusal to renew must be
preceded by 30 days written notice from the BHC specifying the grounds for the action.

The resident whose tenancy is being terminated has the right to appeal by emailing board@bhccoops.org

Helpful questions you might answer in your report are:

  • From your perspective, what happened?
  • What are you feeling, what’s been the impact? 
  • What do you need? 
  • What specific action steps could be taken to move forward? – by you, the other person, the house, staff, the CoC
  • What is most important to you? What do you ultimately want? 

Clearly dated, objective documentation is helpful. This might include house meeting minutes discussing the issue, labor reports, or email exchanges. 

Want to read through the big picture?

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