2nd Annual BHC Fundraiser a HUGE Success!!

The evening started with a rainbow and just got better from there!

We enjoyed a night full of talented local musicians and dancers, many of whom had stories to share about the positive ways BHC has impacted their lives. We received donations from local businesses for our silent auction and dining at the event. We were assisted by countless volunteers. Each donation of time, energy, money, performances, or products is a testament to the support that the BHC has in Boulder. It is inspiring to consider how far we’ve come in just the past decade. We have taken great strides in shifting away from the stigma and fear surrounding co-ops, to find ourselves in a room packed full of people, volunteers, and donors who believe in what we’re doing.

We appreciated the significant representation, not only from all four of the BHC co-ops, but also many other local co-ops and co-housing. I was moved by the reminder that we are not isolated cooperatives in a society that is overwhelmingly noncooperative, but that we are a part of a movement of communities committed to this economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable model of living. 

DV8 Distillery (Boulder’s only queer bar) was the perfect venue for our second annual fundraiser. They even renamed their delicious craft cocktail menu to be co-op themed! Have you ever tried drinking an “Emergency Meeting”, “Point of Process,” or “Twinkle Fingers?” Their newly renovated stage, sound equipment and lighting were perfect for our eclectic blend of talented performers.

We started the night off classy, with classical piano and jazz performed by Ostara resident Gio Bard Zero. Then Ingrid Avison, a local folk singer/songwriter and close friend of Chrysalis, delighted our soundscape with her deeply healing performance. Max Gregor, a recent Ostara alum performed his folk music and shared his personal story of growth and gratitude for the BHC. Then the blues-punk trio, Unusual Needs, featuring recent Ostara alum, Spirit, got our attention with their unique and rowdy blend of banjo, guitar, hand-drums and angsty vocals. Our bad ass intern-turned-interim-staff member, Henny Tucker, got the crowd going with some playful competition to see who had lived longest in co-ops. (Shout out to Queen City Co-op resident, Stephen Polk and, of course, our executive director, Lincoln Miller, for winning that contest by a few decades!) Lincoln, and then our brilliant board chair, Sarah Wells, spoke to the urgency of the housing crisis in Boulder and the significance of the contribution that the BHC continues to make in spite of the many challenges.

Our next performer was Andy Masterpiece, a newly out trans man and Boulder local who has been performing music for over 20 years – and frequently jamming at the Ostara co-op. He’s played a few gigs in the Boulder/Denver area under his previous identity, but is glad to be bringing fresh melodies and jazzy rhythms to the stage as a new man.

Things got real with The Transromantics, a group of local trans rebels and friends of the Ostara co-op, sharing emotional stories through alternative indie rock music.

Finally, we closed the night out with our “adult hour,” featuring a housing-justice-themed strip tease by burlesque performer Paisley Peach and drag performances by King Slim and MoWhoreMoans.

Our fabulous MC and Masala resident, Rachael Gula held the night together. We walked away with AMAZING photos courtesy of Pat Gump Photography, with hand-made co-op-themed props by Ostara resident, Natalie Rake. You can view more of the fantastic photos on our Instagram page.

And of course, throughout it all, we had our silent auction, with donations from over 30 local businesses and crafty individuals including tickets to Meow Wolf, Rock Climbing Gyms, Yoga classes, voice lessons, art supplies, massages, gift certificates to restaurants and much more.

Our “The Future is Cooperative” t-shirts, “Cooperative AF” mugs, and “I Live in a Coop” tote bags were a big hit! There are still a few left! Just shoot us an email to reserve yours! We also have lots of stickers, buttons, and magnets to show your support for the BHC.

We held a competition to see which house got the most votes to win a white water rafting trip for ten people in summer 2023! Chrysalis won by a landslide, by cleverly offering beautiful face-painting in exchange for votes!

We also had a full spread of food throughout the night, courtesy of Community Table Kitchen, Cosmos Pizza, and Lucky’s Market.

It was truly a spectacular night and we are so grateful for everyone who helped make it happen! Can’t wait to do it again next year!



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2nd Annual BHC Fundraiser a HUGE Success!!

We enjoyed a night full of talented local musicians and dancers, many of whom had stories to share about the positive ways BHC has impacted their lives. We received donations from local businesses