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Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop coming to Boulder!

The BHC is proud to announce the following educational opportunity: Theatre of the Oppressed training Led by  Morgan Fitzpatrick Andrews September 20th               11am-6pm Sliding scale fee: Residents: $10-$40    Non-Residents:$80-$20 Please

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  • Openings

    Chrysalis: 1 (Available June 1st) and 6 (Available August 1st)

    Mango Manor: 1 (Available Now); 1 (Available June 1st); 3 (Available August 1st)

    Masala:  1 (Available August 1st)

    Ostara: 3 (August 1st)

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    The BHC is dedicated to creating permanently affordable, community enhancing, cooperative housing for the people of Boulder County

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