People-Centered Housing

Providing affordable community living that fosters human connection, social justice, and sustainability.


Sharing skills, resources, time, growth, and governance.


Sharing resources to reduce energy and waste.

Social Justice

Committed to diversity, inclusivity, safe spaces, and trainings.


Low rent, buying in bulk, and communally taking care of our home.

Meet the Cooperatives

Chrysalis Cooperative

2127 16th St. Boulder, CO

Masala Cooperative

744 Marine St. Boulder, CO

Current Openings

Masala: 1

Mango: 1 (Dec 1st)

All other Houses are full for the next lease term (August 2023 – July 2024). But you can join our waitlist here.

Mango Manor Cooperative

4662 Ingram ct. Boulder, co

Ostara Cooperative

2550 9th St. Boulder, co

Our Mission

We are 501(c)3 community housing developer dedicated to creating affordable, sustainable, community-enhancing, cooperative housing for the people of Boulder county.


Support the Movement

Together we will make a people centered Boulder